Anyone can become a member of the Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse Association.

Members help to fund our activities and become involved as we continue our important work of facilitating the removal of horses from Guy Fawkes National Park and promoting and supporting the breed.

Registering your horse helps the Association by promoting the breed and expanding our Stud Book for future generations to appreciate. By keeping our Stud Book open to solely trapped horses we are guaranteeing that the natural selection of these horses will not be lost.  All horses with a NPWS ID form become foundation stock in our Stud Book, but it is not automatic, you MUST apply for registration by filling out the relevant forms and paying the relevant fee.

For registration information please phone the Registrar on (02) 67 759110

Download the relevant forms here by clicking on the link, or send us an email and we will forward the forms to you.


Registration Requirements

Registration Application

Transfer Application

prefix app form

Current Scale of Fees:
Joint Membership: $60.00 (One vote) Required for horse ownership
Single Membership: $50.00 (One vote) Required for horse ownership
Associate Membership: $10.00 Non Horse Owner, No vote, no prefix
Stud Prefix Fee: $10.00
Annual Return: $20.00
Late Fee: $30.00


Stallion: $100.00
Mare: $ 15.00
Gelding: $ 15.00
Foal Recording: $ 10.00
Upgrade to Mare or Gelding: $ 10.00
Part Bred: $ 25.00

Under 30 days: $ 10.00
Over 30 days: $ 30.00